Erodium Thunk

Erodium Thunk

Directed, Animated, Edited By: Winston Hacking
Sound: Andrew Zukerman
Special Thanks: Madi Piller, Clint Enns, Viviane Labelle

The film was made specifically for a group show in Vienna (curated by Clint Enns and Madi Piller) titled From A to Z, that reflects on Micheal Snow’s 1956 animated film of the same name, and his multiplicity of approaches which fluidly transition between media and form.

The piece is an endless barrage of hyperlinked cable television commercials. With equal doses of satire and nostalgia, the promised pleasures of late consumer capitalism are deconstructed through a contemporary form of détournement. - Clint Enns


2019 - Void Film Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark
2019 - Pezinok Alternative Film Festival, Pezinok, Slovakia
2019 - Courts Mais Trash, Brussels, Belgium
2018 - Shorts on Wheels at Kurz Film Festival Köln, Cologne, Germany
2018 - L’Estrange Festival, Paris
2018 - Gimli Film Festival, Gimli, Manitoba
2018 - Lucky Exhibition at NGBK, Berlin
2018 - Blickle Kino at Belvedere 21, Austria
2018 - Other Cinema, San Francisco

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